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reporting from eastern ukraine. >> translation: to swiftly halt punitive operations to free political prisoners, ensure full freedom for journalists. this would be a genuine process of deescalation. >> david rhode kidnapped by the taliban in 2008 and held for seven months in pakistan knows full well the dangers. >> what is scary is the egyptian, and others blaming terrorists for telling the truth saying journalists are responsible for the country's problems when they are not. >> turkey, iran and china account for half of all journalists imprisoned. turkey stops the list, 40 yeftened since 2013. bail has been denied again for three al jazeera journalist held in an egape shan prison for four month, another has been in prison since august. world press freedom day was established over 20 years ago by the yaights -- united nations, part of the goal was to pay tribute to journalists that lost their lives. >> 70 journalists were killed in 2013. 74 were killed the year before, combined. those are the two-most deadly years in cpj's history. at the end of 2013, 2011 jucialists were in -- journa
them responsible for the violence in south eastern ukraine saying that their hands are now covered in blood. commenting on the ongoing military operation the police as he offended so what's the sponsors are only provoking more pounds and now i'm not russian or any other outside player has any influence over the old people living and outdoor sports of ukraine. with no other weapons now knowing that their lives on a continuous lean beef rat hole this is according to the president's press secretary to the school also added that anyone open presents so it gives actions as illegitimate. criminals themselves. we also know that the president is closely monitoring the events unfolding in ukraine also from the angle off the russians for their actions he's deeply concerned not only about the situation in the country itself but also about the weight is being presented in the west saying that who and what type of democratic elections in ukraine with western nations be talking about. with an ongoing military operation conducted by cute against its own citizens. i also added that the west either
living in ukraine in eastern ukraine, pro-russian protesters rallied outside buildings, forcing their way in before waving a russian flag as the crowd outside cheered. today flowers marked the site of a deadly fight. yesterday ukraine started a new effort to push back pro-russian groups. >> a hit-and-run crash in san francisco critically injured one person. the crash happened at 2:30 this morning when the driver of his black infinity ran a red-light, broadsiding another car. the driver of that car was badly injured. the force of the crash sent one of the cars into a third vehicle, leaving that driver with maynor injuries. investigators say the driver who caused the crash and a number of passengers ran from the scene. >>> these folks in oakland gathered this morning to remember a man who was killed by a hit-and-run driver in oakland. coalition of neighbors want city leaders to make telegraph avenue safer for pedestrians. the victim was hit a short distance from his home in oakland. police are offering a $10,000 reward to help find the driver who hit the man last saturday. >>> the woman at
in eastern ukraine. rescue crews searching for victims after a deadly mudslide in afghanistan. it happen in the northern province. numberous homes covered with 30 foot of mud. the people were killed instantly. 2100 people are missing but other leaders say the figure may be too high. the u.s. military said they are ready to help if called on. the mud slide hit after several days of heavy rain. snks a decorated u.s. marine serving two tours in afghanistan, sits in a mexican jail today. andrew was arrested back on april 1st after making a wrong turn and accidentally entered mexico. he is now chained to a cot in mexico and his mother called it a nightmare. the reporter is from fox affiliate wsbn in miami has the story. >> she said her son u.s. marine sergeant feels like there is no end in sight. >> when he was in afghanistan, he was a brave committed warrior to the american cause and he was highest level of achievement and promoted to sergeant on the field. now he is defeated and demoralized and hopeless. the decorated marine serving two combat tours in afghanistan now a prisoner in mexico.
in eastern ukraine. an attack that killed more than 40 russian supporters dramatically increases tensions in the country. the grim reality in afghanistan, thousands liable dead. many more thousands now homeless. >> the language of the blind, why braille may actually become extinct. we will take you to one of the most polluted places in the u.s. where developers are planning to build luxury high-rises. we begin in ukraine a country moving ever closer to civil war. the military stepping up the offensive against pro-russian he rebels in the east. the conflict is spreading to other parts of the country. in the east, seven european observers who were taken hostage more than a week ago have been freed. this comes a day after fire in the southern city of odessa killed dozens of pro-russian activists. secretary of state john kerry currently in africa spoke with his russian counterpart in another effort to reduce tensions. there is no solution in sight. paul brennan has the latest from the eastern city of it constaniovka. >> the burning cars and day bre which limited the streets were evidence of w
in the southern and eastern parts of ukraine have worsened quite significantly and this included, for example, the reporting of manned anti-aircraft type of equipment in the eastern part of ukraine around sylviaance. this represents an escalation because of this type of equipment hasn't been used up until now. the worsening situation in o odessa where over 40 people died last night. >> do you feel safe? >> i still have my colleagues. we have about 150 of them and going every day. we face challenges every day and more and more road blocks such as armed men at checked points but we feel the osce plays a very key role in trying to, as much as, keep the region stabilized. we are getting closer and closer to the may 25th presidential elections and it's very important this take place in a safe manner. >> now that you have people watching in the united states and around the world, what should people know about the conditions there? >> people should know that the worse thing that could happen right now is that deescalation continue. there's lots of many different demands being made and told on our mo
observers, but dead levi less than continues in eastern ukraine. the latest on the crisis in ukraine coming up. >>> and have you heard about the nation's unemployment rate? it's fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis. great news, right? well, there happens to be a little more to that story and just ahead, we'll explain. >>> plus, in the face of student protests, former secretary of state condoleeza rice makes a decision about giving the commencement speech at rutgers. we'll tell what you she's saying now. >>> right now there is growing backlash and controversy over benghazi. john boehner announcing the formation of a select committee that will investigate this as another key panel issuing a subpoena to secretary of state john kerry. he's expected to testify before that panel in three weeks. all this as those newly released e-mails are raising even more questions about the obama administration's response to that terrible terrorist attack. doug mcelway live with the very latest on everything. >> reporter: new headline may be emerging from bret baier's interview
. seven military observers are free in eastern ukraine. an attack that killed more than 40 russian supporters dramatically increases tensions in the country. the grim reality in afghanistan, thousands liable dead. many more thousands now homeless. >> the language of the blind, why braille may actually become extinct. we will take you to
is looming. i am talking about eastern ukraine. a part of the country that borders russia. these ukrainian soldiers are rolling through one of several towns overrun by armed separatists who believe the towns should be russian. this is not right on the border, it is happening more than 150 miles into ukraine. dozens of people have been killed and people who live there are basically hiding out in their own homes. meanwhile, a team of international military observers that were held hostage more than a week by the pro-russian forces are now free. cnn's arwa damon is in eastern ukraine. >> reporter: that 12 member osce team finally freed, they had been taken hostage april 25th, accused by the self proclaimed mayor of being nato spies. on their release, he referred to them as guests. they appeared to be tired, but said they had been treated fairly well. the german foreign minister thanking the efforts of russian envoy and ensuring their release. the number two for the osce commission saying this is an example of how important negotiations are. but elsewhere throughout the country, we're seeing v
continues in eastern ukraine. the latest on the crisis in ukraine coming up. >>> and have you heard about the nation's unemployment rate? it's fallen to the lowest level since the beginning of the financial crisis. great news, right? well, there happens to be a little more to that story and just ahead, we'll explain. >>> plus, in the face of student protests, former secreta
in eastern ukraine. thousands dead and many homeless in the wake. devastating landslide in afghanist afghanistan. while his team fights for play-off series victories, new support for embattled clipperseen owner donald sterling. >>> imagine living a block away from the foul mess filling this disgusting can alal and try to guess how much it will cost to clean it up. >>> thanks for being with us. stalemate in ukraine. minor victories for the government overshadowed by separatists pushing back. ukraine military reclaimed some government buildings in the east but lost others. meantime, european union is calling for an independent investigation into the deaths of more than 40 people in odessa yesterday. kiev blaming russian supporters from moldova on its western border. paul brennan reports. >> the burning cars and day bre were evidence of what looked like a day of heavy fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russia separatists. vehicles and tires had become makeshift barricades set alight to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> there were a lot of victims from both sides, fro
of traction that the president has. >> if they cross that line, if putin crosses that line into eastern ukraine, i think the united states will have to basically demand sector sanctions and i think there could be a real crisis in the nato alliance that happens. >> really? what do you think, eleanor? >> angela merkel is not naive about putin. they have this very ugly relationship. even the one, angela merkel is frightened. it goes back to her childhood. when vladimir putin discovered this. he made sure his aggressive dog was in meetings with her. and this got reported in the german press. she has no illusions about the kind of man he is, but she has this commercial interests and a public in the confrontation. >> jim, former executive editor of the international harold tribune argues that germany is turning against the west on russia. we decided here that that's not the case? >> in the press conference this morning, the president basically said that russia is bombarding russian media their public and the media is going into germany blaming the u.s. for basically the stabilization. and he
. it is much more tense today and more violent in a growing area between eastern ukraine and russia, and it is not just on the border any more. cities more than 150 miles into yuksz had been overrun by separatists. they ordered residents to stay in homes for their own safety. also today a team of united nations observers that was captured by the separatists were set free. cnn national correspondent nick paton walsh is in one of those flashpoint cities in eastern ukraine. nick, it is late at night right now, but tell us what's been happening. rrn well, they weren't u.n. observers, they were a group called the osce. but these men have been taken eight days ago, 12 in total, 7 foreigners, and the rest of them ukrainian he is courts, and paraded in front of the media last weekend. this weekend because of crimea envoy, they are headed east to berlin. a rare bit of good news. perhaps positive pr for the kremlin and those they support, the pro-russian separatists as well. frankly it has done little to distracts from the general toll on the ground with the violence. we have come back from a
continue to promote unrest in eastern ukraine. some ask, why is this our problem? because we cannot allow the president to be set that to nationshe west smaller must first seek permission of more powerful neighbors. president obama talks tough about vladimir putin, but his actions have not gone far enough to change his calculation that the benefits of his aggression outweigh the cost. that is why this weeks republican introduced bill would impose tough new sanctions on economy andutin's his cronies. it will ensure that u.s. forces deployed in europe are positioned strategically. allow to sell the more american natural gas. these steps could convince putin and his supporters but the costs of their illegal action outweigh the benefits and we hope the our, -- our- democratic colleagues will join us to make this a bipartisan effort. of course, the international challenges to our prosperity will not end with ukraine. after a decade of conflict abroad we're anxious to conflict -- to focus on home. everruth is now more than before a crisis halfway around the world can have a bigger impact on our
been sharply critical, condemning the violence in eastern and southern ukraine. vladmir putin is sending his condolences to the 40 people who died in the southern ukrainian city of odessa in which the building in which they were taking renew jersey and protesting inside was burned down. so a huge tragedy there. it's been greeted with a lot of anger by the pro-russian groups inside ukraine and by the kremlin here as well. also the kremlin saying they're receiving thousands of requests for help from southern and eastern ukraine. that's interesting and important. the russians have said all along, they reserve the right to intervene militarily, if they believe russian interests speakers are at risk. so there is a growing concern that russia could use the army. it's got position to cross the border from you kra into intervene and take areas, further areas of ukraine if it chooses to do so. at the moment, no such order has been given, there has been a telephone conversation between the russian foreman and u.s. secretary of state john kerry in which they called on mr. kerry to use al
. >>> fox alert. ukraine is getting worse. there is intense violence now erupting in eastern ukraine. so far, at least 42 people have been killed. renewed clashes between government supporters and pro moscow separatists. dozens more have been injured. it is the worst bloodshed we have seen in this crisis so far. hello everyone, i am eric shawn in for greg jarrett. >> i'm arthel neville. russian militants have released seven captives. the group of foreign observers were held in eastern ukraine for more than a week. leland vittert streaming live in dop donetsk, ukraine, with the latest. hi, leland. >> reporter: hi, arthel. the independent international observers being released is the only bit of good news coming out of this crisis that is quickly spiralling out of control. this really began as an insurgency, and is now quickly heightening in terms of its severity and its breadth into a civil war here in ukraine. latest pictures out of one of the pro rebel strong holds, those russian separatists taking on the ukrainian army as it moved in its armored personnel carriers into the town. the ukrain
. scomplafrnling now, seven military observers taken hostage in eastern ukraine a week ago have been freed by their rebel ca captors. five were released. the military is continuing defense in the east. pro-russian groups are calling for peace keepers to be sent to the area. al jazeera has teams across ukraine. paul brennan is standing by in the eastern city of donetsk. joan jonah hull, iwhat happens to them now that they have been released what happens to them next? >> reporter: perhaps not from the look of them when i saw them on the road side earlier on today, they looked rather tired, quite drawn, relieved, of course, but i don't think they will be heading back to this region any time soon. they will be heading back to homes in europe. >> said, there are calls today for osce operations to expand in eastern ukraine and for the observers to be given the role of trying to a couple of the situation. what we have seen today, is actually a renewing of the ukrainian military operations, just the sort of thing that the russians would like to see calm down. >> the burning cars and day bre whic
. there is intense violence now erupting in eastern ukraine. so far, at least 42 people have been killed. renewed clashes between government supporters and pro moscow separatists. dozens more have been injured. it is the worst bloodshed we have seen in this crisis so far. hello everyone, i am eric shawn in for greg jarrett. >> i'm arthel neville. russian militants have released seven captives. the group of foreign observers were held in eastern ukraine for more than a week. leland vittert streaming live in
're also live on the ground in eastern ukraine with the latest. >>> also ahead -- >> if he was a real racist, then why would he help the world the way that he has? >> defending donald sterling. the woman at the center of the scandal tells abc that he is not a racist and is, quote, hurting. more of her comments as we look at sterling's legal options and why some insist a player's boycott may still happen. >>> also today, a major endorsement for a campaign that has not even started. the latest democrat backing hillary clinton. >>> and a new generation of power. one city's plans to transform landfills into sources of energy. it's today's big idea. >>> it is also derby day. with horse names like wicked strong, junk in the trunk, and thissier's favorite, california chrome, will we get our first triple crown winner in 36 years? we'll go to churchill downs as well. good saturday to you. i'm craig melvin. in ukraine, they're calling it war. right now the military is desperately trying to take back portions of that country from pro-russian separatists. it all came to a bloody head friday when
of the leader. now he's sending airplanes there and that is a threat to eastern ukraine. russia is not a calming force in ukraine. >> how different is this from the other a countrys that we have seen this happening like georgia? >> it is different than georgia in a key way, that is often overlooked. in 2008, the regions had not be under a meaningful sovereignty for over a decade. that is not true in eastern decade. >> this is meaningful? >> this is more meanful and more aggressive efforts. this forces went into russia in 2008. this is a more and lasted much longer in ukraine, this is a more serious and dangerous situation. >> coming back to this, how did kiev lose control of the strong holds and what can they do to regain the control? >> kiev, i'm not sure used that language, you have had a very divided population in ukraine, and you have had weak institutions that can't bring a divided country today. we have division in the united states too. but our institutions reasonably well to keep it together. that is not happening in ukraine. following the ousting or the democratic revolution in february
, quote, thousands of phone calls from ethnic russians and russian speakers here in eastern ukraine asking for help. we have no way to verify those claims, of course. moscow now says it is, quote, weighing its options to figure out what they are going to do. obviously, the fear here, molly, is that what moscow's answer will be is sending the 40,000-plus troops they have massed on the ukrainian border here into eastern ukraine in either a full-fledged invasion or possibly peacekeepers and take over this part of the country, much as they did the crimea earlier in the year. back to you. >> thank you, leland vittert in ukraine for us tonight. >>> the death toll rising to at least 2,100 after a catastrophic landslide in a remote part of afghanistan. the main focus for rescue crews now, to help the thousands of people forced to evacuate due to the disaster. they're calling off the search for victims after thousands of villagers were buried under hundreds of feet of mud, two consecutive landslides pummeled the mountainous area yesterday morning, following a week of heavy, heavy rain. >>> a decora
>> observes are freed in the eastern ukraine as kiev is continuing the offensive against russia offenses. you shall watching al jazeera live from the headquarters. more than 2,000 are feared dead after a landslide in african. >> no release for the al jazeera a journalists being held in e gyp. a former child soldier goes home. >> we begin in ukraine where a second day of military action is underway as a government in kiev is trying to take about the strong holds in the east. pro russian groups are asking to protect the civilians. they have freed 7 military observes taken hostage over a week ago. >> on a roadside they embraced freedom with a sense of relief, a handover bringing the end, 8 day captivity of the observers. >> you can't imagine, it is happiness. deep relief. the situation was really tough. the last two nights as we saw the situation developing, every minute gets longer and finally with the cooperation of all of the key players went perfectly. thank you very uch many -- much. >> the men looked tired and the nerves were obvious to see. they had been obtained. the releas
in eastern ukraine. >> that is the only bit of good n news, the release of these military observers. it came about 24 hours after a negotiator from moscow showed up here on the scene. it does led credence to the thought that moscow is the puppeteer here in this insurgency that many will tell you is now putting ukraine on the brink of a civil war. not only the clashes, but the violence is spreading south and west from eastern ukraine to the key port city of odessa. take a look at the pictures from yesterday. running street battles between the pro ukrainian sporters that ended up with 30 plus people dead when fire was set to one of the key prorussian buildings that they had taken up arms in. what we have heard from the ukrainians is they have reason to believe they say that there was russian intelligence services or russian special forces behind that violence in odessa. certainly, the charges they have been leveling for many weeks now about what is happening in the east, including in the separatist stronghold where the pro russian separatists still have a very firm hold on that city despite a
. as they move to restore order in eastern ukraine, it is obvious to the world these russianbacked groups are not peaceful protesters. they're heavily armed militants who are receiving support from russia. >> our guest is a fellow at the george washington university institute for public diplomacy and global communication. always good to get your perspective. punishing russia, is it going to be financial? is it the president at some point, do you see any indication he's going to be willing to go farther than just financial sanction, waver that may be? >> well, there are limited tools here. putin habs the strongest cards to play in this particular crisis. what happens in ukraine is far more important to russia and to europe than it is, you know, to the united states. the president has been able to inflick some costs on putin. the markets have inflicted some costs on russia. obviously, first and foremost, up to vladimir putin how far this goes. >> you wrote that angela merkel, chancellor merkel, is the one who maybe has the most influence in this whole crisis, because of the relationship wit
men glare at each other of the now they are killing each other and eastern ukraine is looking more ungovernable. it's "inside story." ♪ music ] hello, i'm ray suarez, for weeks there has been little you could say about the situation in ukraine that would stand up for more than 24 hours. it's been a moving target. hard to predict and define. think, in five months it's moved from a tilt towards moscow in kiev to counterdemonstrations that pulled down the government of viktor yanukovych to a creeping russia, to the eruption of protests across eastern ukraine, to what we have today, a situation inching closer to all-out fighting to russian alined irregular forces and ukranian military forces. as uptions and storming the buildings spread, the kiev government threatened retaliation and publicly acknowledged it lost before the fighting began. when the ukrainian government fought back, russia, a foreign country, warned ukraine about trying to reoccupy its open government buildings on its own soil. the tempo of fighting is increasing and people continue to die. >> reporter: pro-russian f
between the rival groups. this as ukraine launched an offensive to take back it's eastern cities. i'll see you back here at 1:00 p.m. for america's news headquaters. now back to forbes on fox. >> un-american, louis lerner's lawyer said that's what holding her in contempt of congress would be. they plan to vote on this as early as next week. but what about the irs targeting conservatives. isn't that un-american? >> let's go back to what she said in her apology before congress may of last year. she said we should apologize for targeting groups whose names are like tea party or patriot. we're talking about the massive growth of government spending. it was wrong and incorrect. we asked two broad questions about donor names to these groups. the problem is there is too much money in the nonprofit system. that is what, in terms of political activity. but that's the reality we're living with now is an irs that was choosing to target and potentially for audits to target these groups for further scrutiny. >> okay. if that point could be proved, wouldn't that be more un-american than what loui louis
cute holding them responsible for the wilds in south eastern ukraine adding that the hens are now covered in blood and also anyone who presents the actions as legitimate. what criminals so as well. now from his prospective new school would know that this is closely watching the events unfolding in ukraine also from the angle. russia's for their actions. so when he says he's not only deeply concerned with the situation in ukraine itself but also with the way it's being of a person is being presented to interpret it in the glass saying that what type of free democratic elections in ukraine include western nations be talking about amid an ongoing military operation conducted by ninetieth against its own citizens support it also says that the west either doesn't understand what's happening to any great importance and rituals and not on the sand carrefour to think too much to bring us this updates or jesus or biscuit off there well some western politicians went as far as suggesting that people who were fertilized in a dance and brought the whole thing upon sounds and acts as the us dep
the ukrainian authorities are trying to regain control of certain parts of the eastern ukraine. what they're doing in slorches seems to be rather -- slovyansk seems or the rather carefully. looks like they're going to seal it off, that's the way i interpret news at the moment. the best would be for all illegals to disarm whoever they are, whatever conviction they have, and respect the fact that there will be elections in ukraine. and that will decide the future of the country. >> the question is of course how they're being armed, as you said two ukrainian helicopters were shot down at least one of them with a surface to air missile reportedly president obama said that is undercutting russia contention that this is a spon tain spontaneous uprising. you tweeted, some elderly ladies bought some rpgs or missiles at the local grocery store i assume. there's no doubt in your pined that putin is sending special arms or forces into the ukraine? >> whatever. these weapons don't come from nowhere, they're coming from somewhere. you could discuss that endlessly. what is evidence and obvious for ever
in their homes and off the streets today in the city in ukraine. eastern ukraine. video on youtube shows a bus burning in the road. another sign of violence plunging the divided country deeper into crisis and in that same city, ukrainian forces seen rolling in earlier today one after the other. cnn cannot confirm the authenticity of video, but our crews in ukraine have seen the violence firsthand. nick paton-walsh is right in the middle of it now. nick, there was positive news today in the middle of the terrible stuff when western military observers abducted were released. give me more details on all that has been taking place. >> reporter: for eight days, this team, seven of them, foreign military observers have been held by the administration of slavyansk. then the intervention of the aide and envoy from the kremlin, are released and back with the delegation. perhaps the intervention of moscow may be a wise move to get a more positive opinion on the pro-russian protests and militants who have taken over the towns. fredricka, where i'm standing is on the outskirts where there has been heavy f
as an acceptable the bloodiest day of violence in south eastern ukraine. giving up hope afghan officials say they're on my key to finding more survivors following devastating landslide in the remote north east of tasman to two of the region since two thousand one hundred people. lunch dismissed as a keeper candidates. just weeks before he gets presidential election critics say the counter. he is no contrast to the front runner. finance continues to mock the running. what the cure disease update you all for the cats. the analogy of servers held captive in sloppy on skin eastern ukraine have been released this undertake the development was announced our nearby and moscow envoy it's also been confirmed by the tens of pro russian separatist leader and get more on this map and you get the above that in moscow. she joins us by sky. do you want to be noah and his report released on the osce monitors and have a care package the wind and seven with the yes that is fine crew and officers have been great. in eastern ukraine. i was at the very least was the report by us special envoy. but in many small print
separatists have now been freed. a russian envoy negotiated the release in eastern ukraine. meantime, ukrainian forces are resuming military actions against pro russian forces. violence flared yesterday as separatists shot down two helicopters and took part in clashes. >>> yosemite park rangers are warning people to leave those flying drones at home when they visit the park. rangers say people have been using drones to shoot spectacular and otherwise impossible-to-get shots of the park scenery, but they say they are a risk to public safety and create unwanted noise. the federal regulations also ban the use of the unmanned aircraft. >>> the faa is investigating the use of a drone by a news station in arkansas. this video was shot to capture the damage after last week's deadly tornado. the station's news director says it gave great perspective into the devastation. the faa says the use of drones for commercial purposes is prohibited, except in rare cases when the faa has given its approval. >>> a couple in arkansas who lost everything in the tornado last weekend is now married. >> we w
inspectors in eastern ukraine because of the military assault on that honestly and ska. can you tell us more on that date. yes this is of any serious situation now this hostage crisis has been going on since last friday twenty eighth foreign ministry is that this was seen someone has subsequently been released on medical grounds and then a seven european still being held hostage tape and funny and so i've been following this story and i during the week that was our expectation for them in the sky beyond the cars and flying thing that progress was being made in the negotiations with the previous minute reaction to the scene. i miss hubby and i made pasta before our eyes will complicate proceedings. the tenant farming is a gemini meeting in edmonton seven nations and has full foreign nationals being held. no said the swiss foreign minister s with friends in the current anti life the organization and the extent that i am really keen to move to negotiations with the swiss foreign ministry saying that he meant haiz i really don't think i'm going negotiations high level negotiations and said qanta
in ukraine say they're trying to regain control of the eastern part of their country is not over. despite the day of setbacks yesterday in which they lost two helicopters and in which the battleground to a halt, they say that this morning they renewed the attack short of the separatist strong hold town. if they intend to press on, from what we know of the defenses, it could be very bloody indeed. the world is reacting in horror to the death toll in the southern city 500 miles southwest of here's. crowds of pro andant i didn't remember ukrainian forces running battles in the street ending up with a major building burning down killing 30 people, maybe more. most of them pro russians. and, of course, that raises the specter of how moscow and president putin is going to react. he has claimed repeatedly the right to intervene in defense of ethnic russians and the russian speakers here in ukraine. he has the tanks to do it. the question is whether he will see this as his opportunity. >> people in one small town in minnesota are extraordinarily grateful this morning for one woman who saw somethi
that we can to help in amazing european military observers captured in eastern ukraine. today german chancellor and harassment that presidents have the talent of fun condensation. lynn and moscow egmond said the settlement of the situation. his maxim on the involvement of the osc mediators but it's still unknown who is of the hostages will be released and wet. earlier russia stint in military observers of the captured by ukrainians that barrett is still in sound to the site above their release. the international monetary fund and probes and seventeen billion dollars loan to ukraine. how it will be paid in three steps during two years. the first part of racing here and will never see in the making and the next base. one side of this amount will be used for payment of budgetary deficit a man of the second and this are times when depend on the results of money starring as it will be carried out every two months the assistance of the imf is aimed at restoration and fencing of the economic stability of ukraine. urgent action was necessary. eric decisive matches were taken by ukraine and
thrown from the opposition. here in eastern ukraine, things still very tense as the military continues an offensive to try to take back towns throughout this area from pro-russian rebel control. nor cbs "this morning: saturday," i'm clarissa ward in danyansk ukraine. >>> and an attack on benghazi libya and the obama administration's response to it. the latest from mark al fwhertbert in our washington bureau. >> reporter: good morning. speaker of the house boehner plans to select a committee to investigate investigate. committees like this are rare. in fact, the last one was created seven years ago. until this week speaker boehner said he saw no reason to create one to investigate benghazi but that ing chaed after the release of e-mails by deputy national security adviser ben rhodes obtained by the conservative watchdog group judicial watch use. the obama answers for the american people and the families of the victims. in response the state department dismissed any suggestion of a cover-up. >> we believe that there are a multitude of other ways we've already looked
'm morgan radford live in new york. >>> chaos and violence erupting in eastern and southern ukraine in what became the country's blood yesterday in three months. the worst standoff occurring in odessa, where officials say violence clashes broke out between pro-russian and ukranian supporters. it turned into a deadly fire where 31 were killed. ukraine launched an offensive further north. five rebels, two civilians and two ukranian soldiers were all killed. kiev's assault expanded 10 miles south to the town of kramatorsk. troops regained control of several areas. lawmakers vowed not to stop before eastern ukraine is under control. we go to donetsk for the latest. >> reporter: information comes out in an irregular way. the interior minister announced on his facebook page, not an official channel, that the ukranian military retook a television tower some 10 miles, 15km or so south of slovyansk. that was a tour which had been tape by pro -- taken by pro-russian separatists. what the separatist did was take off ukranian tv channels, stop them broadcasting. the ukranian army retook the tower. you
eight days ago. we're in eastern ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: the authorities here in ukraine insist that their offensive to try to regain control on the part of the eastern control of the country is not over. despite a day of set backs in which they lost men and at least two helicopters and in which the battle ground to a halt, they say this morning they renewed the attack on the town which is just short of the separatist held strong hold of slavyansk, their target. if they tend to press that battle to conclusion, from what we know of the defenses in slavyansk, it could be very bloody, indeed. all the while the world is reacting in horror to the death toll yesterday in the southern port city of odessa, 500 miles west of here. crowds of pro and anti-ukrainians fought running battles in the street ending up with a major building burning down killing possibly 30 people, maybe more. most of them pro russians. of course, that raises the specter of how moscow and president putin is going to react. he has claimed repeatedly the right to intervene and defense of ethnic russians here
in eastern ukraine. pro-russian militants are still holding seven observers including four germans as well as their ukrainian escorts. they have been paraded in front of the media and forced to make statements at the barrel of a gun. it is disgraceful and it's inexcusable. russia needs to work to secure their immediate release and the international community will not be satisfied until colonel schneider and his fellow captains come home. finally, as both angela and i have are beautifully said, we want to see a diplomatic resolution to the situation in ukraine. we have also been clear that if the russian leadership does not change course, it will face increasing costs as well as growing isolation diplomatic and even -- an economic. you already, the ruble has fallen to all-time lows and russian stocks this year have dropped sharply and russia has slipped into recession. investors are fleeing its estimated $100 billion in investment will exit russia this year. russian companies are finding it harder to access the capital they need and russia's credit rating has been downgraded to just above j
's believed both sides were throwing gas bombs around the building, this as ukraine launches the first major offensive to take back an eastern city, two ukrainian soldiers debt. now president obama threatening even tougher sanctions against russia. >>> as john kerry gets called to testify on benghazi, the state department is hiring tutors to prep for congressional hearings, after a spring of embarrassing q&as. remember when john mccain slammed -- >> the government has denounced them, the coalition -- the coalition part of the government. >> i stand corrected. >> i have no more questions for this incredibly highly qualified group of nominees. >> one democrat, senator clair mccaskill calling out the state department, asking why they're spending money on tutors rather than time and attention on fixing real problems. >>> ben affleck may be great at running a gambling racket in the movies. >> why the house? >> because the house always wins. which is why we don't have to cheat people. >> but the math is right. am i missing something? >> no. no, you didn't miss anything. we missed something. >> but
. it will be tomorrow night right here live 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss it. "weekends with alex witt" starts now. >>> developing now, new and deadly battles in ukraine and the u.s. delivers another warning to russia. a live report ahead. >>> the woman at the center of the donald sterling debacle now says he is not a racist. the role she's playing in his life today. >>> what led to one woman's gutt feeling that in the end prevented a teen's potential gun mele and massacre. the backstory behind her 911 call. >>> it's called the most exciting two minutes in sports. the kentucky derby. dylan dreyer reports on america's biggest horse race set to run in just hours.
state buildings in numerous cities in ukraine's eastern border region with russia. and today the ukrainian government attempted to take them back with military action. there are unconfirmed reports that the separatists shot down two helicopters killing two people. moscow condemned the attacks and repeated its warning that it reserves its right to intervene to protect pro-russian citizens in the region. at the white house today president obama and german chancellor angela merkel warned russia that they are prepared to increase sanctions russia continues. the two leaders put tensions aside and stood united on ukraine. libby any outcome? >> they wanted to present a unified front and they really were able to. if this meeting would have happened even a few weeks ago there may have been more chill in the air over the nsa spying on angela merkel's phone. they wanted to speak with one voice saying these incursions by russia are unacceptable. the germans are concerned about the engive sector in particular. and president obama addressed that specifically and he acknowledged the importa
from pro-russian separatists. we're monitoring developments in eastern ukraine just hours after this military team of observers you're seeing now was released in the volatile region. >>> and -- a chaotic scene after multiple landslides in afghanistan. we'll talk to one man overseeing the relief effort. >>> also -- >> we have probably always had public figures who have been out there saying outrageous things when it comes to race. the difference is now, when someone says something like this, the chances are that it's been recorded. >> these public figures you're seeing now have one thing in common, racism controversies. a closer look at that hot-button issue, coming up. >>> hello, and welcome, everyone. i'm errol barnett. to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world, it's a pleasure to have you with me on this saturday. this is "cnn newsroom." now, at this moment, it's just past noon in eastern ukraine. that's where the standoff between the country's military and pro-russia activists has taken an even more violent turn in recent weeks. the interior minister says it's offensive
. >>> separatists in ukraine held a cbs news team. they snapped these pictures outside of an eastern city of slovina. that is when the separatists grabbed them. >> we were then blindfolded and lumbered onto a vehicle and taken to another location. when he stopped at this other location, there was a woman shouting at us telling us to shut up. not to speak. we had to stand up and put our hands against the wall while they took all of our possessions. >> ward said the separatists were clearly upset they were american. >>> also tonight for the first time, a mysterious virus has hit the united states. what you need to know about mers. >> reporter: the unidentified patient was a healthcare provider in saudi arabia. provider in saudi arabia. the patient took the bus ,, h,z/ let's face it, most people don't know how to choose a new dentist. that's where we come in. we've helped over 8 million people find the right dentist, and we can do the same for you. call 1-800-dentist today. ♪ call 1-800-dentist today. female announcer: sleep train's interest free ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three ye
, eastern ukraine and disrupt this month's presidential election we will move quickly on additional steps. including further sanctions that will impose greater cost but that's a choice facing the russian leadership. gwen: some of the fallout is affecting how americans view their second term president. in the latest "wall street journal"/nbc news poll, nearly half of those surveyed say that the u.s. should be less active in world affairs. and approval of the president's handling of foreign policy has dropped to its lowest point ever. so what did the white house do this week to speak to that? alexis? >> so the president and the administration started the week by talking about another round of tough sanctions. most of the sanctions that started the week that the administration announced were aimed at the circle right around vladimir putin. president putin of russia. it was aimed at about seven different individuals and about 17 businesses or entities. and the idea was to put blockades on our asset freezes on those individuals and the companies they controled. and they were considered either
eastern cities from pro-russian separatists. >> as forces battle to regain erin ukraine territory, more are dead and the region is further engulfed had flames. riot police overwhelmed in donetske, fell back, letting a pro-russian mob take over the office of the state prosecutor. moscow claims these are ordinary activists. kyiv charges at the very least, russia is pulling the strings, and some of those in the back are be russians, is at least two ukrainian helicopters were shot down by missiles today and two pilots killed. further evidence says kyiv of russian military involvement. well beyond the capabilities of, quote, civilian activists. and violence spread to the southern port city of oh decembe odessa.journalists reported fighting between pro-russian and pro kyiv supporters. more than 30 died there most apparently by smoke inhalation. in the flash city of slovyansk, the focus of insurgency, part of what kyiv says is a continuing anti-terror operation. late tonight, there were reports of new fieghtd nea owners -- fighting near the bridge . pro-russian separatists have seized 17 build
prospect that anything the west is doing right now would turn him from his current path in eastern ukraine? >> it is not that -- it is not up to us to do these things. very dependent on the west. democratic forces both in the ukraine and russia have to stand up. so the west there was always, as i mentioned the ninth time, the oil price was so low. we had nine the kind of money they have now. into promises which we have prioritized xbox, our work is counterproductive. >> do you think there's anything now that can be done? >> i agree with the prime minister. if you feel that it was aggression and you call it that way, so the work should mean something. otherwise it is totally counterproductive. they speak of the legal decisions, for instance, of russia's parliamentary in support of what they call aggression now. yet members of russian parliament and will often need when i come back. they're now coming for their spring vacation. you don't go even to london. you get to miami. you go to new york and you will see those people are members of the parliament. in their own budgets the of 15 and 20 p
are watching al jazeera. these are the top stories - kiev launches a new military operation in eastern ukraine. moscow condemns the death of pro-russian demonstrators in odessa. >>> a ceasefire or surrender - syrian rebels may be about to give up the fight for the city of homs. >>> on trial for going their job - three al jazeera journalists head back to court in cairo on world press freedom day. >>> more than 2,000 people have been killed in a landslide in northern afghanistan. large parts of a village were buried after a mountainside collapsed following days of rains and floods. the u.n. is at the scene, helping teams in the remote area. we have this update from the capital. >> reporter: local police are doing what they can for the survivors in afghanistan. they are handing out food and water. on saturday morning rescue teams were struggling to reach the people buried under the mud. roads to the village is open but unstable for heavy machinery. >> translation: we can only help the displaced. those under the landslide and who lost their lives, it's impossible to do anything for them - they are
in eastern ukraine. and called and then tried to get four or five other european allies to put in a battalion each, and then call putin and say, vladimir, we're having military exercises here, and when your exercises are finished, our exercises will be finished. the russians aren't going to attack us, but it would have been a way of saying what you're doing matters to us not because ukraine per se matters so much, but because you're taking a gigantic step backwards in how international problems are solved, how sovereignty is respected, how borders are adjusted, how conflicts are resolved, and then we find that step you're taking unacceptable. >> charlie: and the consequence would be, in your judgment, stop and forces would go back to russia? >> i think he would have backed off. >> charlie: back to their bases wherever they were? >> maybe. not 40,000, but i think he would have -- i think he's a bully and bullies are tempted by weakness. >> charlie: and it's perceived as weak because? >> because there is too much lack of clarity about what the american principles and behavior are. i mean, i hav
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